Regional Parks

Sunbeam Lake Park


Sunbeam Lake Park, a 117-acre County-maintained park south of Seeley near Interstate 8, includes a small lake and lagoon.  Some of the land at Sunbeam Lake Park is leased to a private RV Park, which has a pool and spa.  The park includes shade trees, barbecue stands, tables, ramadas, and restrooms with showers.  In addition to fishing, the lake can be used for swimming, jet skiing, and boating.  The park includes improved onsite parking and is easily accessible by residents of the south end of the County from Interstate 8, with direct access to Drew Road.



Wiest Lake Park


Wiest Lake Park is a 62.6 acre park located northeast of Brawley off of Highway 111.  The park includes a small lake, a camping area, barbecue pits, ramadas, picnic tables, restrooms with showers, and a recreation hall.  The lake is used primarily for fishing.  The park primarily serves north end County residents.  The park is easily accessible from Rutherford Road and includes improved onsite parking.



Heber Dunes Park


Heber Dunes Park is located off of State Route 7, near the Calexico East Port of Entry.  The 323-acre park is currently being leased by the County to the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  The most prominent feature of the park is its sand dunes, which are used for off-highway recreation.  The park has abundant shade from tamarisk trees and includes amenities such as restrooms, ramadas, picnic tables, and barbecue stands.



Red Hill Marina Park


Red Hill Marina Park is a 10-acre park on an island on the southeastern shores of the Salton Sea, northwest of Calipatria.  The park is somewhat more difficult to access than other parks as it is seven miles from State Route 111, the nearest major road.  The park is connected by a causeway to Garst Road, which is a County-maintained road that runs north to south.  The park includes boat launches, RV hookups, a designated camping area, restrooms, ramadas, picnic tables, and plenty of shoreline for fishing.



Pioneer’s County Park


Pioneer’s County Park is a 22-acre park off of State Route 111 by Imperial Valley College.   The park mainly serves as campus to the Pioneers Museum and Cultural Center, which is privately managed by the Imperial County Historical Society.  In addition to the museum, the park includes several outdoor exhibits: a shade structure, restrooms, and a train station building with a patio.

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