Model Input and Output Files


-Appendix C "Assessment of Potential Health Risks from Benzene and Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions from East Brawley Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Unit and Caustic Scrubbing System" of the AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT

--Attachment C "Model Input and Output Files" of Appendix C of the AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT

Air Modeling Output File Batch 1
File 1 Aermap Input
File 2 Aermap Map Detail
File 3 Aermap Map Parameters
File 4 Aermap Output
File 5 Aermap Receptor
File 6 Aermap Source
File 7 Aermod Input
File 8 Aermod Output
File 9 Bpip Input
File 10 Bpip Output
File 11 Bpip Summary
File 12 C6H6 Aermod.inp
File 13 C6H6 Aermod.out
File 14 H2S Aermod.inp
File 15 H2S Aermod.out
File 16 Imperial 95. pfl
File 17 Imperial 95. sfc
Westmorland East Model Objects
Wiest Sensitive Receptor
File Batch 2 File Batch 3
Aermap Input Aermap Input
Aermap Map Detail Aermap Map Detail
Aermap Parameters Aermap Parameters
Aermap Output Aermap Output
Aermap Receptor Aermap Receptor
Aermap Source Aermap Source
Aermod Input Aermod Input
Aermod Output Aermod Output
Bpip Input Bpip Input
Bpip Output Bpip Output
Bpip Summary Bpip Summary
C6H6 Aermod.inp C6H6 Aermod.inp
C6H6 Aermod.out C6H6 Aermod.out
H2S Aermod.inp H2S Aermod.inp
H2S Aermod.out H2S Aermod.out
Imperial 96.pfl Imperial97.pfl
Imperial 96.sfc Imperial97.sfc
Model Objects Model Objects
Sensitive Receptors Sensitive Receptor
File Batch 4 File Batch 5

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