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Cluster I Solar Power Project

Board of Supervisors Approved Addendum April 28, 2015

Board FEIR, Findings & Resolution

JUNE 2012

Final EIR Appendices
Revised Executive Summary Appendix A - Comment Letters on Draft EIR
Table of Contents Appendix B - Economic Fiscal Impact Reports
Introduction Appendix C - Williamson Act Cancellations
Errata Appendix D - Site Restoration Plans
Response-Comments Appendix E - Calipatria Solar Farm II Request to Rescind

Cover Appendix A - Initial Study
Table of Contents Appendix B - NOP of DEIR/Scoping Notice 
Executive Summary Appendix C - Comments and Responses to NOP
Introduction Appendix D - Conceptual Drainage Plan
Project Description Appendix E - Phase I ESA
Environmental Settings, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures:    Calipatria I
   Aesthetics    Midway I
   Ag. and Forest Resources    Midway II
   Air Quality Appendix F - Prelim Geo Study
   Biological Resources Appendix G - Bio Resources Technical Report
   Cultural Resources    Calipatria I
   Geology, Soils and Seismicity    Midway I
   Greenhouse Gas Emissions    Midway II
   Hazards and Hazardous Materials Appendix H - Cultural Analysis
   Hydrology and Water Quality Appendix I - Traffic Study
   Land Use and Planning    Calipatria I
   Noise    Midway I
   Public Services    Midway II
   Transportation and Traffic Appendix J - Glare Analysis
   Utilities and Service Systems Appendix K - Visualization Study
Cumulative Impacts Appendix L - IID Water Availability
Other CEQA Related Topics Appendix M - Land Evaluation and Site Assessment
Alternatives Analysis Appendix N - Crop Cover Expert Opinion
Report Preparers Appendix O - Noise Study
References Appendix P - Air Quality Assessment
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program    Calipatria I
   Midway I
   Midway II
Appendix Q - Water Supply Assessment
Appendix R - C.U.P. Application
Appendix S - Minor Subdivison

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