The Purpose of Title 9, the Land Use Ordinance for the County of Imperial, is to provide comprehensive land use regulations for all unincorporated areas of the County of Imperial. These regulations are adopted to promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare through the orderly regulation of land uses throughout the unincorporated areas of the County. The Board of Supervisors of the County of Imperial adopted this Ordinance on November 24, 1998.

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Table of Contents:   Errata Sheets

Division 1:   Enactment, Applicability & Amendment

Division 2:   General Provisions

Division 3:   Site & Design Standards

Division 4:    Signs, Parking, Fences, Home Occupation and Second Dwelling UnitCannabis Operations

Division 5:   Zoning Areas Established


Division 5, Appendix A
   Gateway Specific Plan
   Section 2 Exhibits
   Section 3 Exhibits
   Section 4 Exhibits
   Section 5 Exhibits
   Appendix B - Exhibits
   Appendix C - Traffic Generation
   Appendix D - Economic Impact Analysis

Division 5, Appendix B
   Mesquite Lake Specific Plan

Division 5, Appendix C
   Rio Bend Specific Plan
   Rio Bend Specific Plan Amendment
Amended Rio Bend Specific Plan Map

Division 5, Appendix D
   Imperial Lakes Specific Plan
   Imperial Lakes Specific Plan Map

Division 5, Appendix E
   McCabe Ranch Specific Plan Part 1
   McCabe Ranch Specific Plan Part 2
   McCabe Ranch Area Map
   McCabe Ranch Tentative Tract Map
   McCabe Ranch Street Cross Sections

Division 5, Appendix F
   Riverfront Specific Plan

Division 5, Appendix G

   Imperial Center Specific Plan Part 1

   Imperial Center Specific Plan Part 2

Division 6:   Airport Zoning

Division 7:   Noise Abatement and Control

Division 8:   Subdivision Requirements

Division 9:   Fees

Division 10: Building, Grading and Sewage Regulations

Division 11: Underground Substance Storage

Division 12: Mobile Home Parks Program

Division 13: Enforcement

Division 14: Definitions/Clarifications

Division 15: Geological Hazard(s)

Division 16: Flood Damage Prevention Program

Division 17: Renewable Energy & Transmission

Division 18: Abatement of Weeds & Other Vegetation

Division 19: Street Names & Numbering

Division 20: Surface Mining & Reclamation

Division 21: Water Well Regulations

Division 22: Groundwater Ordinance

Division 23: Development Ordinance for Residential, Non-Residential, Mixed Use Projects

Division 24: Telecom Communication
Division 25: Zoning Maps/Amendments
Division 26: Abandoned Vehicle Abatement
Division 27: Maintenance of Cemeteries
Division 28: Wonderstone Aggregate Surface Mining Permit

Division 29: Parks & Recreation Regulations

Division 30: TBD

Division 31: Storm Water Control

Division 32: Rooftop Solar Ordinance

Note: Revisions made October 6, 2015 MO#18c

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