Building Board Of Appeals

The Building Board of Appeals is a six (6) member Board appointed to alternating terms by the Board of Supervisors. This Board meets bi-monthly (as needed) to hear appeals about the decision of the Building Official, appeals concerning the Condemnation of structures, appeals concerning the County Board of Supervisors in matters that deal with the Building Department and the Building Ordinance.

The Land Use Ordinance, Section 90102.04, allows an appeal by any person who chooses to appeal the decision of the Planning Director on a specific project provided such an appeal meets the following requirements:

A. A written appeal is filed within ten (10) calendar days from the Planning Director’s decision on land use projects or decisions.

B. The appeal is filed with the Planning & Development Services Department.

C. The requisite fees are included.

D. The written appeal clearly states the following:

1. Name of person(s) filing appeal.
  2. Address & phone number of person(s) filing.
  3. Project/decision being appealed.
  4. Reason for filing appeal.
  5. Facts, conditions(s), information, error, or other specifics to warrant appeal.
  6. Prior effort(s) made to arrive at acceptable solution, if any.
  7. Action being requested (i.e. deny project, approve project, modify conditions, etc.).
  8. Signature of applicant.

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