Land Use Element

The Land Use Element designates the general distribution, location, and extent (including standards for population density and building intensity) of the uses of land for housing, business, industry, agriculture, open space, public facilities, and other categories of public and private uses. The primary purpose of the Land Use Element is to identify the goals, policies, and standards of the General Plan that will guide the physical growth of Imperial County, including the public facilities necessary to support such growth.

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Land Use Element

Land Use Map

Appendix A
   Gateway Specific Plan
   Section 2 Exhibits
   Section 3 Exhibits
   Section 4 Exhibits
   Section 5 Exhibits
   Appendix B - Exhibits
   Appendix C - Traffic Generation
   Appendix D - Economic Impact Analysis

Appendix B
   Mesquite Lake Specific Plan

Appendix C
   Rio Bend Specific Plan
   Rio Bend Specific Plan Amendment
   Amended Rio Bend Specific Plan Map

Appendix D
   Imperial Lakes Specific Plan
   Imperial Lakes Specific Plan Map

Appendix E
   McCabe Ranch Specific Plan Part 1
   McCabe Ranch Specific Plan Part 2
   McCabe Ranch Area Map
   McCabe Ranch Tentative Tract Map
   McCabe Ranch Street Cross Sections

Appendix F
   Riverfront Specific Plan

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