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General Plan EIR

This Environmental Impact Report (EIR) addresses the 1993 Imperial County General Plan Update (Plan Update). The EIR is intended to provide an extensive data base with a level of analysis that can serve as a program-level environmental assessment for the design and review of future development proposals within Imperial County. The analysis contained in this report identifies sensitive environmental resources and issues that may be affected by implementation of the various Elements of the Plan Update. Particular attention is given to land use compatibility, agricultural production, traffic/circulation, public services, biological and cultrual resources, and safety impacts that may result from ultimate development accroding to the Plan Update.

For the full document and appendices, please click below.

General Plan EIR
Project Description
Environmental Analysis
Growth Inducement
Cumulative Impacts
Effects Found Not to be Significant
Short Term and Long Term Relationships
Alternatives to the Proposed Project
References, Persons and Agencies Consulted

Appendix A
Farm Monitoring

Appendix B
Right to Farm Ordinance

Appendix C
Trafffic Report

Appendix D
Native Plant & Animal Species

Appendix E
Fish & Game Significant Natural Areas

Appendix F
Mitigation Monitoring Program

Appendix G
Notice of Preparation
Comment Letters Part 1
Comment Letters Part 2
Response to Comments

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