Code Enforcement

The Planning Division is responsible for the enforcement of Title 9, Land Use Ordinance and State law for the unincorporated areas of the Imperial County. The goal of the Code Enforcement Division is to work with residents and businesses to preserve and imporve the community throughout the unincorporated areas of Imperial County while educating the public, encouraging voluntary compliance and pursuing legal remedies when necessary.

The County’s Code Enforcement staff is dedicated to working together with residents and businesses to eliminate blight and unsightly conditions. Common Code issues include: dangerous or substandard buildings, over excavations, unpermitted businesses, zoning violations, construction or grading without permits, inoperative or abandoned vehicles, and excessive outside storage. The Division strives for compliance within 30 to 60 days, however, time frames will vary on a case by case basis due to the violation type, owner’s response, legal processes and other variables.

If you see blight, or unsafe conditions which may pose a risk to the health, welfare or safety of the general public, please contact us.

The Code Enforcement Administration may be contacted at the following:

Linda Hunt
Permit Specialist

For more information regarding the Title 9, Land Use Ordinances visit the Ordinances Page under Land Use Documents.