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Automated Solar Plan Processing with SolarAPP+

Solar Automated Permitting Processing+ known as SolarAPP+ is a web-based platform that automates solar permitting for local governments and other jurisdictions having authority.

Visit the SolarAPP+ website to learn more

How It Works

SolarAPP+ provides local governments with a standard portal for receiving and processing permit information for residential solar and solar+storage systems. The portal conducts an automated permitting review for safety and code compliance, enabling local governments that adopt the tool to approve solar permits within instantly.   


The Contractor will use the SolarAPP+ link on our website to submit their proposed residential rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system design plans for review, processing and approval.   The Contractor will need to pay a processing fee to SolarAPP+ in the amount of $25.00.
Contractor will need to provide the following items:

  1. A valid California Contractor’s License

  2. Proof of current workers’ compensation coverage

  3. Proof of an Imperial County Business License or applicable City Business License (issued by a city within Imperial County)

How to Submit Application / Forms

The Contractor may submit his/her residential rooftop PV system application by US Mail, In Person or by email (

Note: An electronically submitted Permit Application & Property Owner Acknowledgement Form must be certified by Doc-U-Sign. The permit application submittal must include the Doc-U-Sign Certification of Signature.

Required Documents for a County Permit

After the Contractor has received approval through SolarAPP+ he/she can move forward with submitting the required forms to the County of Imperial to obtain the required permit for the installation of the proposed residential rooftop PV system (system must be less than 15kw).  The application submittal should include the following:

  1. Downloaded SolarAPP+ Approval Document

  2. Permit Application

  3. Property Owner Acknowledgement Form

  4. Permit Fees

Permit Fees

The permits fees for rooftop solar PV systems are assessed according to the State mandate.

County Location: $500.00
City of Calipatria: $450.00

Payment of Permit Fees

The contractor will have the following options to render payment of permit fees:

  1. Electronically through SolarAPP+

  2. Check or Money Order payable to the County of Imperial (in person payment or by mail)

  3. Cash, must be exact change (in person payment or by mail)

Permit Intake and Processing

Application received electronically at will be processed in an expedited manner by the Permit Specialist, Plan Checker or other assigned/authorized personnel. The assigned County Staff will take the information from the permit application and logged into Permit Plus for tracking. The SolarAPP+ approval permit number may need to be entered manually under the “people” screen in Permit Plus.

The Permit Specialist, Plan Checker or other authorized personnel should check the zoning of the property to confirm the property and structure are residential (cannot be a manufactured or mobile home) as well as confirm the property does not have any outstanding violations in our system.  Additionally, they will confirm that the property owner listed on the permit application is the current property owner according to the Imperial County Assessor’s Inquiry.

Note: If the ownership does not match, the permit cannot be issued.

Issuance of Permit

The Permit Specialist, Plan Checker or other authorized personnel will verify with the ICPDS Accounting Department that payment of fees have been made/received through SolarAPP+ (Stripe Account) if the application was submitted electronically.
The Permit Specialist, Plan Checker or other authorized personnel will then process the residential rooftop PV solar permit for issuance and put together the issued permit package.
The permit application submittal should be processed and issued within 3-business days; or processed, reviewed, and denied within 3-business days.

Issued Permit Packet

The issued permit packet should include the following:

  1. Issued Permit (application form)

  2. Permit / Instructions for Inspection

  3. Inspection Card

  4. Downloaded SolarAPP+ Approval Document

  5. Receipt for Payment of Fees

Issued Permit

Once the permit has been issued, the Permit Specialist, Plan Checker or other authorized personnel will email the issued permit to the Contractor explaining that he/she must provide a hard copy on site for inspection.
The issued permit can also be provided to the Contractor at the building counter or sent by US mail.


The Contractor will be responsible for requesting the required inspection(s).

How to Schedule an Inspection

An inspection can be requested by contacting ICPDS at (442) 265-1736 to speak with an office staff personnel.
An inspection can be requested by calling the Building Inspection line directly at (442) 265-1744 and provide the Permit Number, Address of the Project, Contact Name/Number and requested Date for Inspection.